To Unify, Covenant, Support, Network, Establish, Maintain, Solidify and Declare


    1. To voluntarily federate with those churches who hold to the doctrines of the Reformation Solas, Theonomy, Postmillennialism, and the Dominion Mandate of Genesis 1:28-29, without the tyranny of “top-down” denomination control.

    2. To Support & Network with said churches in matters of strategies and tactics for the Cultural alignment of the world, God-Ward.

    3. To Establish & Maintain Ecclesiastic courts for the purpose of adjudicating matters which are out of the jurisdiction of the local session of elders.

    4. To Solidify & Declare accountability with each church within the ARTC federation.

    5. To labor effectively for the expansion, promotion, and support for Christendom throughout the earth.